Now Taking applications for MR UNFORTUNATE 2011!!

Send us your most PATHETIC story and Photo.

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LEXI at meangirlsclub dot com

Prizes include

♥ Membership to MeanGirls ♥
♥ Phone call from one of the MeanGirls ♥
♥ used pair of panties ♥
♥ and maybe even spit in your face! ♥



I'm pathetic because im 35 and still live with my mother, I'm unemployed and still a virign. I can only get it up when I'm humiliating myself so have wear frilly pink bras and pantys or jerk off in a diaper while sucking on pacifer looking at pictures of beutiful young mistresses.


Violate me:

Mean Girls love to personally abuse men. Here is how.

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Audio Recordings

Pathetic Masterbator Orgasm Denial

Mean Teen Girl: Intro to her feet & your new life


Oral Servitude Orgasm Denial


Sweaty Feet Tennis Pratice



What have to done humiliating for me lately?

Humiliating task of the month is Cumming on your own face!