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Savannah is a sexy blonde bombshell that enjoys abusing men.

Savannah's favorites

Place to visit: Since I love the beach and l love to travel, I'd have to say the Caribbean. I have been to a few islands so far and I hope to be able to visit many more.

Book: Anything by John Saul, he is my favorite author. I stay scared all night after reading one of his books.

Food: Seafood! Oh my, I could get deserted on a desert island and be happy just because I could eat seafood everyday.

Music: I love STP, Aerosmith, U2, Earshoot, James Blunt just to name a few. I love high energy music with a great sound. Though there is nothing better than some reggae when on the beach or in the tropics.

Color: Pink. Funny enough I hated it growing up, but I just love it now!

Movie: Beetlejuice. I know it sounds odd, but I just can’t get enough of it.

TV Show: Well I mostly like shows that make me think. My favorite show is "House", I have every season on DVD. Need I say My second favorite is CSI. You never know what crazy storyline they'll have or even what you might learn.

Insect: I know, that's a weird one, but insects can be cute I actually have a strong fondness for dragon flies. Not only are they beautiful, but there are a lot of legends that go with them.

Animal: Ferret. I had a ferret for about 6 years. Sadly he passed away in 2005. Once my travel schedule calms down I hope to be able to get another one. They are just so cuddly and cute. Not to mention sooo mischievous!


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